Pet Parade Registration Form
  1. Owner Name
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    Name of the pet's owner/representative.
  2. Name of Your Pet
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    Enter the pet's name or identification.
  3. Your Email
    Please let us know your email address.
    E-mail address for the key contact person.
  4. Address Line 1
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    First line of your mailing or street address.
  5. Address Line 2
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    Second line of your mailing or street address.
  6. City
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    City of your mailing or street address.
  7. State
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    State of mailing or street address.
  8. Zip Code
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    Zip code of your mailing or street address.
  9. Primary Phone
    Invalid Input. Please enter your phone contact information as xxx-yyy-zzz.
    Primary contact phone number.
  10. Secondary Phone
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    Secondary contact number.
  11. Website
    Please enter a valid web address.
    Web address, YouTube channel or other URL where we can check out your pet in action, if any.
  12. Pet Profile
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    Please describe your pet's appeal, costume or activity that will be of interest to parade viewers.
  13. Pet Parade Competition Selection
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  14. Terms and Conditions Agreement
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    I agree to waive any claims against the Deep Ellum Arts Festival and to abide by the Pet Parade terms.
  15. Submit

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